Below is the list of examples of my work at Linfield. To view each essay in full size, click the full screen button in the bottom right corner of the essay.

Market Research and Artist Website

This is my Senior project from JAMS 485: Senior Seminar. For this assignment, I conducted a market research report then created an artist website for myself.

Plumfat Vintage Social Media Campaign

This assignment is a social media campaign from JAMS 343: Social Media Theory and Practice for an Etsy store called Plumfat Vintage that was using Instagram to post on. The goal of the campaign was to increase sales for Plumfat Vintage. This assignment helped me understand the effects of media on individuals and society

Smtp Final Proj Essay by Gillian Wilson on Scribd

Williams Community Watershed Council PR Plan

This assignment is a PR plan from JAMS 347: Principles of Public Relations that I wrote for the Watershed Council in my hometown of Williams, Oregon. I created a plan that included a situation analysis, goals, strategies and specific tactics for the organization to take in order to connect better with the community. This assignment also helped me to understand the role of media on individuals and society because I had to think about how the tactics in the plan would effect the intended audience.

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Hopscotch Toys Press Release

This assignment is a mock press release that I created for JAMS 370: Public Relations Writing. The assignment was to create a press release for a fake event for a real business in McMinnville in order to learn how to write press releases with information that a news outlet would be interested in.

Press Release Assignment by Gillian Wilson on Scribd

Photojournalism photo gallery

The gallery below contains most of the photos that I took in JAMS 321: Photojournalism. The course taught me how to create informative and persuasive media content as I learned how to take journalistic photos. The course also taught me the structures and functions of the news media industry.

Visit the photography page to see more of my photos.

Linfield Review article on climate justice

This article from JAMS 111: Journalism Practices is about a climate conservation group that spoke on campus. This course taught me how to create informative media content, how to write using AP Style and how to communicate with people in order to interview them. My other Linfield Review articles from this class can be found here.

Annotated bibliography and essay on carbon pricing policy

This assignment is my Major project from JAMS 275: Information Gathering. I spent the semester researching the public policy topic of carbon pricing policy in Oregon. Writing the essay taught me how to write persuasive media content, and the research taught me how to write professionally.

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