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Gender in the TV Show “New Girl”

In our society there are stereotypes about each gender and how we think they should act. For example, society tends to show women as more emotional and men as more logical. We can often see these stereotypes at work in the media that is produced within a society. To examine some examples of these stereotypes about gender, I chose to look at the television show “New Girl.”


Snapchat vs. Facebook: Which will win?

In October of 2013, the social media app Snapchat introduced a new feature called Snapchat Stories. Stories, which contain photos that last 24 hours before disappearing, have become a very popular aspect of Snapchat. About 500 million Stories are created per day.


Public Fear and the Attack on Comics

When you hear the term “comics,” what do you think of?

I’m guessing it’s usually something along the lines of young nerdy boys eagerly reading brightly colored and action filled stories about superheroes and villains.