My first week in Ireland

Getting to Galway

Although I knew ahead of time that the process of getting from Oregon to Galway would entail multiple flights and over a day of travel, nothing could have prepared me for how tired it actually made me. Getting up at 5 am, rushing to make connecting flights, and getting confused while filling out forms at the airport all combined to make a crazy day or two of travel.

Me at the end of our day of travel vs. me a few days later when I had finally gotten some rest!

Even though I was beyond tired when we arrived in Galway, I still managed to go to the store to buy bedding before heading to my new room for a much-needed nap. The rooms in our apartment at Cuirt Na Coiribe are fairly nice, and unlike at Linfield, our bedroom doors actually lock. Our apartment has four people living in it and we each have our own rooms and a shared kitchen. We are about a 15-20 minute walk from both NUIG campus and the city center.

My single bedroom in Cuirt Na Coiribe


First Week Adventures

Some of the things I tried during week 1

During my first week here I have tried my first Guinness, eaten at different restaurants, and found some new favorite places in the city. I am trying not to go to the same food places twice, and instead trying out as many new places as I can. Even so, I have already been Java’s Cafe three times because they have crepes and coffee that I love.

In addition to finding good food, our group has also been doing some exploring in Galway. We visited The Long Walk, which is the name of the famous row of colorful houses next to Galway Bay. It was one of the places in the city that I saw on google maps while still at home, so I was really looking forward to seeing it. It was just as amazing as it looked like it would be in photos, especially since we were there on one of the rare days where it was not raining!

After taking tourist-y photos of The Long Walk, we continued along the walking path next to the bay until we reached a beach area. There were lots of tiny shells and pieces of smooth beach glass there, but there was also a fair amount of litter on the shore.

Classes at NUI Galway

After the first week here I have my class schedule figured out and I am registered for 4 classes. Two of the classes are about Irish history, and one focuses specifically on castles. I am also taking Beginners Irish and a class called Music, Gender and Ireland. All of the classes meet for only 2 hours twice a week, although some have additional “tutorial” hours for smaller sections of the class to meet.

All of the classes are held in large theater style lecture halls with lots of students. In comparison, at Linfield I usually only had about 12 people in most of my classes. The best thing about my class schedule is that I have no classes before 10am, and no classes on Friday!

The Quadrangle at NUI Galway

I am happy about the classes that I got to choose, and I will add more about what I am learning in a few weeks.

On Sunday the 22nd a few of us from the Linfield group are taking a day trip to Limerick, so part of my next post will cover that trip! I expect to be making new posts every 1-2 weeks.


Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “My first week in Ireland”

  • Dear Gillian,
    Thanks for your “Celtic Cats” card! Sounds like you and Preston are having a great time. The news said parts of northern Europe was being hit with icy weather. Here in Talent we’ve had about 3-5″ snow the last 2 days. High temp is around 48F, but forecast is for warmer days ahead. Sounds like your class schedule leaves plenty of time for exploring–that’s great. When is spring break? I am very interested in your planned trips to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.

    Love, G’pa Stan

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